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Svalbard April 2018
Trappers Trail 2018 - the northern most dograce in the world


"Team Parafin" had the last start number from Longyearbyen because we wond the Hilmar Nøis Trail in Mars



leaving town in nice style



the lower part of Semmeldalen, Day 1: 50 Km track



up Semmeldalen



close to checkpoint Semmeldals hytta for night camp



close to Semmeldals hytta



Semmeldals hytta camp around: 160 dogs and about 40-50 people



Semmeldals hytta camp dogteams and snowmachines all together



mushers inside the party tent




"The Monster slope": 960 m above sea level. Here 14 of 26 dogteams in track up the slope



Ingvild close to top of The Monster slope






The goal line in upper Longyearbyen. And the best: We wound the TRAPPERS TRAIL this year for the "Open Class"! :-)



results for the race