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Svalbard May2018
latest winter experience in Billefjord


map over the Klas Billen Bay




2 X 8 dogs on bord on "MS Billefjord"



getting on seaice in Petuniabukta from "MS Billefjord"



wet seaice in Petuniabukta



Skottehytta i Petuniabukta



wet seaice in Petuniabukta at Skottehytta



Skottehytta inside



Skottehytta outside



morning in Petuniabukta at Skottehytta



a normal day at Skottehytta



Norways national day at Jack Sparrow cairn, deep in Klas Billen Bay



National day at Skottehytta



National day walk



Rudmosepynten, Klas Billen Bay



Rudmosepynten, Klas Billen Bay



Ragnar Glacier



open water at the Ragnar Glacier lake






a normal day at Skottehytta















perfect conditions on seaice in Petuniabukta









Martin & Kristine leaving Skottehytta






waiting for "MS Billefjord" close to seaice border







getting stuff on bord to get home again