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Svalbard August 2018
Prince Karls Island along



Tracking Tour most of Prince Karls Island along

Prince Karls Island is about 100 km long and 10-20 km wide

Habour in Longyearbyen at start with "The World"
Getting on shore near Richardlaguna
3 persons and 6 dogs had to use a dingi to get on shore


start walking for crossing the island over to the west coast






"Rotax" with his dog pack



Rotax and Stubben






namesless lake in the center of the island



Stefan & Erik












lunch selfie



Camp 1



at Millerbreen



Miller Glacier






flat tundra



a lonly walker on the wide tundra slopes






lunch break









Ingvild & Stefan






one big stone on the tundra



the Vatn's



easy navigation ...









Camp 2






Eriks breakfast












Ingvild and all our 6 dogs



always one dog without dog pack



headding south all the way









Stubben & Raptus









dogs got crasy of all reindeers



Camp 3









dead reindeer, died by a fishing net



old whale swirl



GoPro, a happy walker and Stubben



Zeipel & Rotax



Camp 4 at a flywreck from the 60's



french flywreck from the 60's





















tierd Tiger



Ingvild and Laban's



tiered gang









the big slope at the southern part of Prince Karls Island. We used a whole day for crossing...



Camp 5



the big slope towards north. Spitsbergen on the right side






bonfire to mark our position for pickup



Martin & Kristin was the pickup



on way home ...