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Svalbard Mars 2019
With snow machines to Ny Ålesund


Four architects to Ny Ålesund


The route between Longyearbyen an Ny-Ålesund



Top of Nordenskjold Glacier. Town of Pyramiden in background



Hotel "Tullipan" in Pyramiden



inside hotel "Tullipan" in Pyramiden



Dickson Fjord



The morane at Batty Glacier






the area back "The 3 Krones" at Diadempasset



Dronningpasset, "The Qeens Pass"



Kongsfjorden, "The King Fjord" and Kronebreen, "The Crown Glacier"



Lynx 900 ACE and Kronebreen, "The Crown Glacier"



nye jordopservatoriet in Ny-Ålesund. The new Earth Observatory



The new Earth Observatory, "3 Crowns" in background



an architect at the new Earth Observatory



4 architects at the new Earth Observatory



fueling in Ny-Ålesund



waiting for 4 architects



Krone Glacier



break in Bille Fjord






the endless Dickson Valley






Minkin Mountain, Bille Fjord and Pyramiden in background



satpic for the area from 5th May 2019