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Svalbard May 2019
The Hot Springs In Wood Fjord


Four snow machines to North Spitsbergen


The route to North Spitsbergen



Bolton Glacier, Gips Valley



Nordenskiold Glacier, Bille Fjord



"Tarantellen" seen from Petunia Bay






Von Glacier seen oppwards



Von Glacier seen down to Wood Fjord



Cape Auguste Victoria cabin




Wood Fjord - Bock Fjord with Jutun Spings in background




Jutun Spring, Wood Fjord against North



Jutun Spring
















Troll Spring









Troll Spring



Troll Spring - ca +25 C



Wood Fjord to West



Wood Fjord to North, Polar Bear in senter



The meat rack at Mushavna trapper station



little hut at Mushavna, Reindyrflya in background



Old hunting station at Graahuken: Kapp Hvile



Kapp Hvile, packice to North Pole from here...



Graahuken. The ice berg is may be from Franz Josef Land



"Lille KrypInn"



Mittag-Leffler Glacier



a Polar Bear had taken a Ringed Seal at the breathing hole



a Polar Bear playing around with his fresh catch, - Tempel Fjord



my tail...



satpix for the area in the North