Back Svalbard 2020

May 2020
10 days to the North


Ebbahytta in Petunia Bay




Mom with two cubs



bad weather in Petunia Bay



Milalik - a real polar dog, Ebbahytta



a try to get up Ragnarbreen, Ragnar Lake



to bad weather to cross the glacier, Ragnar Lake



Nordenskjold Glacier, Bille Fjord



Nordenskjold Glacier



the old coal key in Pyramiden



getting the sled runners smooth for crossing the glacier



up the steep Ragnar Glacier



in the Mittag-Leffler moraine



blue ice on Mittag-Leffler Glacier



Arctic dessert: sandstorm down for Mittag-Leffler Glacier



Mittag-Leffler Glacier in background









"Dundas" (10 month) on front






on way North in Wijde Bay



we found something usefull at Austbotnhytta



a seal in background



Austfjordnes, - a old hunting station, now "restored", but destroyed by the Governour



Storm on weather forecast: return back to south



clearing the dog lines in front of Mittag-Leffler Glacier



Stilleben, Overgangshytta



The Storm. 27 m/s, - 14 C



saving equipment outside






visibility 2m from cabin window












better weather for a short time



Tha Gang



part of "Finnland Wall", Aust Fjord



on the way South through Mittag-Leffler moraine



from -14 C to + 8 C in one day



probably the last ones who passing this route this year



up the steep glacier to Ragnar Glacier



overview over Wijde bay: ca 130 Km from here ro Gråhuken



back at Ebbahytta and finaly nice weather



spring time at Ebbahytta



drift wood fire



on Billefjord ice at norwegian national day



HippHipp Hurra! Ebbahytta in background



looking for the boad to pick us up