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March 2021
1. sun this year & trip to the North


First glimpse of sun this year! Fulmardalen/Sassen...



The brand new LYNX COMMANDER ACE 900






Mittag-Leffler at Hoggvannet












Looking North from Overgangshytta: North pole next...



Bear & Fox



An attempt to get up East side of Mittag-Leffler



Mittag-Leffler - Austfjord in background



Stubbendorf Glacier



@ Stubbendorf






The river up Smuts Valley



French skiers on Smutsbreen



looking down Smuts Glacier



looking up Smuts Glacier



COMMANDER with Westby Mountain



down Smuts river



Westby Mountain



Finland Wall with Mittag-Leffler Glacier from Overgangshytta



Overgangshytta in the evening






Overgangshytta in Moon light



Filchner Fonna



COMMANDER on Fimbulisen. Phillipbreen in background











Rabbot Morain seen from Rabbot Glacier