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May 2021
Birthday & Natinal Day


Camp in Kaldbukta 13th - 17th May



Kaldbukta - "The Cold Bay"



Camp not far away from the ice flow



Camp Queen



Blåhuken Fyr



Kaldbukta Ice



Seals on ice in Van Mijen Fjord



Ringed Seals



the puppies got tired



Life in the Camp I



Life in the Camp II



Life in the Camp III






Ingvild & Siiri



Caribou meet for dinner



the Camp









Birthday party creew



Technical birthdays dogdriving, Litledalen



up Litledalen









view down Litledalen



turn around in Litledalen, dogs back...






mass in the lines



Billy, Lesum & Dundas



where you get up - you can come down...









bithsday breakfast



more visitors, - Piera & family



17. mai frokost



on way home in Reindalen