Back Svalbard 2022

April 2022
Easter 2022, Basecamp Tempel Fjord


Canyon in Moskusdalen






Ingvild in Sassen Valley



Checking sea ice in Tempelfjord



Ingvild crossing the ice foot to Tempelfjor



Dog Musher - and snow machine pilots



The new ice in Tempelfjord: no snow on ice









olde ice again with snow






Kapp Schoultz Base Camp for 3 nights






Hilmar & Anton getting freshwater ice from iceberg



Drinking ice sled



On our way to Pyramiden



Lunch with Lenin






Lenins view






old mining buildings









Minkin Mountain, 1017m, Pyramiden in background



dog trip to Tunabreen, Tempelfjord



The Gang



side of Tuna Glacier



Tuna Glacier



Hilmar & Thea












nice guys









Tuna Glacier



grilling in front of Tuna Glacier












Musher Anton



Artist Anton



Artist Hilmar