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May 2022
Widje Fjord in May


Dogs & sleds on bord on "Billefjord"



Musher talk



relaxing on bord



The Crew



starting at the ice flow in Billefjord



Skottehytta camp



Marcos, Tina & Stein arriving Skottehytta



Mittag-Leffler Glacier



Two teams down Mittag-Leffler Glacier



Tina down Mittag-Leffler Glacier in nice style



Beer depot @ Overgangshytta



smoothing the sled runners after the morain



Heidi, the trapper at Austfjordnes



Austfjordnes with 34 dogs



Dinner at Austfjordnes



Seal hunting with Sean, the trapper from Austfjordnes



Sean got a seal









More seals


















Polar Bear at Austfjordnes




Headding North on wet ice in Widje Fjord



Villa Møen paradise



Widje Fjord @ Villa Møen



17th May, National Day



View from Villa Møen North: pack ice to the North Pole from here



Villa Møen



National Day



Ingvild checking the ice



Villa Møen









Skiing with loose dogs







The Ice and the Snow (North Pole in back ground)




Sniper close up



Marcos, Stein & Tina arriving at Villa Møen


















Leaving Villa Møen



Stein, Tina & Marcos cossing Widje Fjord to Purpur Valley



Sledes on ice



sleding in fresh Polar Bear tracks



Krosspyten seen from North






Leaving Krosspyten for Austfjordnes



Kapp Petermann




Austfjordnes and Einsteinfjellet




Last break before ascent the glacier



... it's steep



On top of the glacier



Down Ragnar Glacier












Back on start: Skottehytta






"MS Billeford" waiting for us