Leica R6

the A/D converter rigg




Finally I got done the "scanning" of the analog pictures form summertime. Had to build a converting rigg (se picture on the left) to get digitized the images.

This is a first try to reactivate my old analog Leica. I'm not shure how much I will continue with this game!

In the old dayes I preferably used slides (Fuji Velvia 50&100). This B&W developing, dust on film, scanning, - all this stuff? I like to take pictures - not to develop them. If I want B&W pictures today, - no problem in Light Room / Photoshop. So I'll se: many films left in the refrigerator...

R6 with 80mm Summilux
Samples: all Ilford PANF+ ,ISO 50
R6 with 250mm Telyt

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