Leica Elmar 135mm F4 on X-Pro-1

the lens and the body



In december 2012 I bought the Fuji X-Pro-1 together with a Fuji zoom lens. In January 2013 I found the Leica M Elmar f/4 135mm in a internet secound hand shop. I had heard about Leica M rangefinder optics and its exemplary build quality and optical performance. The fact that this lens was build 1960, before I was born, made it even more exciting. To use the lens on the Fuji I need a "Leica M - X-mount" adapter that I bought a month earlier.

Until summer 2000 I used the Leica R6 - my favorite camera in many years!
Digital cameras took over, 35mm films was more and more difficult to obtain, and: I lived in the high arctic and it was difficult to send and develop analog films. I used digital cameras from 1999, but didn't bother to start off with a new system camera until december 2012. The Fuji X-Pro-1 gave med
the same opportunity to control the camera as the R6.

Conclusion so far:
Tests or reviews on the net are hard to find. Ken Rockwell's may be the only one? After testing the lens for a year now I must say: I really like this lens!
Together with the X-mount adapter the 135mm lens gives approx 200mm FF focal length on the Fuji. LEICA's catalogs of the 1960's said "this is one of the sharpest lenses ever created", and it is. It's ultra-sharp even at f/4. Since I'm living in a part of the world where it's dark all day around in 3-4 months, this f/4 at over 200mm is not a winter-tele-lense. But as far as I have enough light - together with the Fuji's incredible high ISO performance this is a fantastic and lightweight telelens! For lightweight traveling today I use the Leica Elmar 135mm together with the Fujinon 18-55mm and the Fujinon 14mm f2.8. - and of course the famous X100s!

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