Leica Elmarit-R 1:2.8 / 135mm on X-Pro-1
the lens on the old R6 body




I used Leica R optics in many years and appreciate their exemplary build quality and optical performance. The fact that this lens was build in 1972 makes it even more exciting. Since I have the Metabone Speedbooster adapter this lens gives me a real 135mm with an aperature of 2.0! Nice for a 135mm?

I like this lens - even if it's not beating the famous Leica M Elmar 135mm 1:4! The Elmar M is may be sharper and is more lightweight. Ok, - it has 2 aperature steps less, - but who cares in summertime? But the big point is that the Elmar M 135 with M/X adapter gives you a 200mm lens. The Elmarit R 135mm together with the Metabone Speedbooster gives a 135mm. As more as I use this lens as more do I like it! It's shorter than the Elmar M - on a way a more "natural construction" on the X-Pro than the Elmar M. Manual focus workes fine for me even for bird shots...
Some samples from the far north and the midle of Norway below:


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