Fujinon 14mm F2.8 on X-Pro-1

Conclusion so far:

As the professional reviews tells you: this is an extraordinary lens. Again japanese hightech, all metal. Since I'm very happy with old maual focus Leica lenses ( M- and R bajonett) and I'm very satisfied with the Metabone Speedbooster I thought about the "Elmarit-R 2.8/19mm 2. Ver." This lens is very hard to find out there. I found one for 2100 Euro. Well, - the Fujilens is much cheaper and I guess technical better...
I agree in all points in the reviews in the left. One important negativ point: loose click-stops on the aperture ring, makes it too easy to change by accident! In fact it's difficult to keep one aperture for many pictures if you are out "in action"! But this lens is now one of my favorite lenses. Like! :-)


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