Fujinon 18-55mm F2.8-4.0 on X-Pro-1
In december 2012 I bought the Fuji X-Pro-1. The offered "kit" was the camera house with the 35mm Fuji prime lense. But instead of the 35mm, I ordered the brand new 18-55mm zoom lens.
Until summer 2000 I used the Leica R6 - my favorite camera for many years!
Digital cameras took over, 35mm films was more and more difficult to obtain, and: I lived in the high arctic and it was difficult to send and develop analog films.
I used digital cameras from 1999, but didn't bother to start off with a new system camera until december 2012. The Fuji X-Pro-1 gave me the same opportunity to control the camera as the R6.

Conclusion so far:

The "Fujinon XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS" is intended to be my allround lens on the Fuji.
It actually tok some time for me to like this lens. There are a lot of reviews and tests out there, and yes: this lens is well buildt, sharp, okay autofocus, etc.
My point is that this lens has little soul! It's a nice piece of Japanese hightech. I'm not talking about technical tests - they are nearby perfect for this lens - it's about colours and how to create a picture, and in my opinion this lens is missing the "unperfect glory" that only oldfashion manual lenses have. Personl I like the colours from the Leica lenses better than the more clearly, crispy (and more realistic?) Fujinon colours this lens gives.
The Fuji X-pro is no "sports camera". Together with the XF 18-55mm lens the camera is possibly as fast as it could be for "sport-shots".
So I'm happy to have this lens as an allround lens,- specially in situations where it's not possible to change the lens as on a dogsledge in -20C. On the other way: Since I got the X100s this camera can do the 18-55mm job and I can use "real" Leica lenses on the X-Pro! ;-)


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