Leica Telyt-R 1:4 250mm on X-Pro-1

the lens on the old R6 body

Telyt-R 1:4 250mm




In december 2012 I bought the Fuji X-Pro-1 together with a Fuji zoom lens. In January 2013 I found the Leica Telyt-R 1:4 250mm in a internet secound hand shop. I used Leica R optics in many years and appreciate their exemplary build quality and optical performance. The fact that this lens was build in 1972 makes it even more exciting. The first time I used a Leitax adapter - later on I got the Metabone Speedbooster adapter to connect the lens to the Fuji body.

Conclusion so far:
Tests or reviews on the net are hard to find. At the moment I haven't found any! After testing the lens some months now I must say: I don't like this lens on the X-Pro! I have still goning some analog R6 boddy tests to develop, but as the picture down right shows: his lens is not sharp!
With the Leitax adapter the 250mm lens gives you approx 400mm FF focal length on the Fuji. This is pretty heavy stuff for a mirrorless "rangefinder" camera. Appropos heavy: this lens is heavy! About 1,4 kg is a lot for a 250/400mm lens! But heavy telelenses are better to hold stable - no OIS-systems in the 70's!
The Speedbooster increased the lens by one speedstep, - to f/2,8! But again: this lens is not sharp on the X-Pro. Until further need I thing I'll not use this lens here further more.


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