Voigtländer Nokton 50mm F1.1 on X-Pro-1

Portrait Lens Comparison (Fuji - Voigtländer - Leica R)


In december 2012 I bought the Fuji X-Pro-1 together with a Fuji zoom lens. The same month I found the Voigtänder Nokton 50mm in a secound hand shop.
I had heard about "Voigtänder" before but didn't know anything exactly. Only: "good old German quality" - so I bought it...
Coming home I checked the "Nokton 50mm" on the net and found that this is a brand new japanese build lens. I cecked it out: Voigtländer is an japaneese company today.

Until summer 2000 I used the Leica R6 - my favorite camera in many years!
Digital cameras took over, 35mm films was more and more difficult to obtain, and: I lived in the high arctic and it was difficult to send and develop analog films. I used digital cameras from 1999, but didn't bother to start off with a new system camera until december 2012. The Fuji X-Pro-1 gave me the same opportunity to control the camera as the R6.

I like this lens!
Together with the X-mount adapter the 50mm lens gives a 83mm FF focal length - my favorite lenght! Sure: at f 1.1 aperature the corners aren't as sharp as at f 4 or higher. But together with the X-Pro's fantasic high ISO performance and aperature around f 1.4 (what is the Leica Summilux!) this lens is amazing in low light conditions!
The bokeh and colors are "old fashion style" - different from any high-tech lens.



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