Leica Summilux 80mm F1.4 on X-Pro-1

Portrait Lens Comparison (Fuji - Voigtländer - Leica R)



The Leica Summilux 80mm 1:1,4 was the trigger for me to buy the Fuji X-Pro-1 in december 2012.
Until summer 2000 I used the Leica R6 with this lens - my favorite combination in many years!
Digital cameras took over, 35mm films was more and more difficult to obtain, and: I lived in the high arctic and it was difficult to send and develop analog films.
I used digital cameras from 1999, but didn't bother to start off with a new system camera until december 2012, when I could put my favorite 80mm Leica lens on a new camera, - the Fuji which has the same opportunity to control the camera as the R6.

First I used a Leitax adapter on the 80mm lens what results in virtual ca. 130mm lens for the APS-C sensor on the Fuji. A 130mm is not a 80mm! But in April 2013 I finally got the Metabone Speedbooster which gives me back the good old 80mm on the Fuji - increased with one speed step!

Conclusion so far:

The Leica 80mm was intended to be my favorit lens on the Fuji. It's still my favorit lens, but this fast lens is heavy! During polarnight here in the high Arctic it is worth to carry a fast but heavy lens. When I finally got the speedbooster, that makes the lens even faster, the polar night almost was turned to midtnight sun. Even with 1/4000s shutter speed and lowest ISO I have trouble to use the lens with aperatures under f4. A ND filter is planned but again:
what is the point to carry this heavy lens around in midtnight sun? In this case the Voigtländer Nokton 50mm 1:1,1 (with Leica M - X-mount adapter) gives the same focal length for the 1/3 of the Leica weight on the Fuji.
AND: I'm really waiting for the Fuji XF 56mm f/1.2!




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