Fuji X 100 s

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In July2013 I bought the Fuji X100s in a photoshop in the famous german city Bremen. At this time it was almost impossible to order the camera "out there" because Fuji was not able to produce enought cameras according to the demand.
Since November 2012 I used the Fuji X-Pro-1 with diffent lenses. The thought is to have a lightweight, high quality camera for traveling - all from "street shooting" in the city to dogsledge expeditions in the arctic.

Conclusion so far:

The change-over from X Pro1 to the X100s was very easy! Now at the end of August the camera is still not available in Norway. Walking around with X-Pro1 and the X 100s together. I really got friend the the X-Pro1 but are struggling a bit with the X100s! Getting into the menues is in fact more difficult: the command wheel seems to slack, things are "jumping" out of control in the menu. The X-Pro seems simply to be more robust, substantial! IQ is on the same level as the X-Pro. One stupid Fuji-thing: the battery has no fixed position! Putting it in the camera in a hurry the wrong way - and the camera is "dead"! I got control of this with the X-Pro but not jet with the X100s. On the other hand: the X100s is a real smal camera. It's pretty much smaler tha the X-Pro with the 18-55mm and therefore "always with you"...


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